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Global Project and Portfolio Management Forum for the Pharmaceutical Industry 2018

21/Mar/2018 - 23/Mar/2018 Berlin . Germany

The importance of project and portfolio management in pharmaceuticals cannot be stressed more today, especially since the industry has seen a paradigm shift in recent years carried along both within the industryand in its external environment respectively.

Some of the factors responsible for this shift include the rising costof healthcare due to an aging population, the increase in rigorous regulatory requirements, andcompany mergers within the industry. These factors have led to an increased need for restructuring,cost reduction, and culture change projects.

The pharma industry has a very stringent regulatory and compliance environment, as well as an unmatched emphasis on quality control measures. In the pharmaceutical industry, project and portfolio management is the key to addressing theunique regulatory, compliance and quality related needs of the industry.

The processof clinical research and drug development, coupled with the critical issue of timeto market, can capitalize on project management techniques to effectively applyscheduling, risk management, Internal resource allocation, strategic tools towards successful implementationalong with comprehensive quality assurance and control tothe process of bringing a drug to market in a cost-efficient way. More and more pharma companies today are realizing the need for project management and are actively looking for key tools to maximize their profitability and power their strategic competence in the market along with balancing their portfolios for greater benefits. This year’s “2018 Global Project and Portfolio Management forum for Pharmaceutical Industry“provides extensive knowledge on Project life-cycle at each phase right from early stages of drug discovery to product development and final drug delivery timelines with practical case studies and strategic PM and leadership training.

This meeting also addresses the major challenges facing the PMO office from Strategic level to Project Manager/Portfolio Managers covering all the vital aspects of managing time and dealing with knotty issues such as regulation and the process of drug discovery. The ideal format for 3 days offers strategic opportunity for all the market players, leaders, analysts, educations foundations, scientists and government bodies to have round table discussions, one on one meetings and networking opportunities.Furthermore the intensive panel discussions, brain storming sessions will benchmark the best practices in developing successful scope of work and aligning expectation between all the parties.