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10th Annual Global Insurance claims management conference

05/Dec/2019 - 06/Dec/2019 Berlin . Germany

Paying claims is the raison d’etre of insurance companies. Yet the industry lags behind, especially in this digital era, to manage claims and combat fraud without jeopardising the image of the insurance industry. Claims management is sensitive, as a wrongly-denied claim can go public and viral. An easy claims management system might open the floodgates for spurious fraudulent calls. Then, there are regulatory pressures to treat your customers fairly. But more importantly, in self-interest, the insurance company needs to promote itself to live up to its promise to protect the policyholder even as fraud is on the rise.

There is therefore an urgent need for the industry to re-energise claims management strategies and claims handling to ensure greater efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction and retention, which directly affect the bottom line growth of insurance companies. With the right mindset, expertise and technology, insurers can respond swiftly and decisively to any claim.