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3rd Annual Global Subsea Power Cables Forum for the O&G and Energy Industry 2018

19/Nov/2018 - 20/Nov/2018 Houston USA

Deepwater Operations Conference & Exhibition Houston, USA  2014

The Deepwater Operational Conference provided solutions addressing major Operational

challenges in developing deepwater resources in traditional way. The event was attended by

1400 People from Leading Players in the Industry. The Conference provided solutions to

complex challenges in more long term and economical ways, The Deepwater Operations

Conference and Exhibition provided a unique experience for attendees and exhibitors to share,

learn and connect in a forum dedicated to addressing these challenges. The advisory board

solicited presentations from industry leaders who address trends, issues and developments in

deepwater production with this year's theme being "Exploring The Operational Depths."

Attendees discussed real-life issues and solutions relevant to deepwater operations today.

Eighty six exhibitors displayed their products and services on the exhibit hall floor and Recorded

attendance of 1,442 Attendees from 25 countries.

Who Attended?

? Field Professional (Superintendent, Foreman, Assistant Foreman, Toolpusher)

? Engineering

? Management (Production Manager, Engineering Manager, Exploration Manager)

? Executive Management (CEO, President, Owner, VP, Managing Director, etc.)

? Purchasing (Purchasing Agent, Purchasing Manager)

? Consulting