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Arctic oil spill conference Oslo , Norway 2019

24/Oct/2019 - 25/Oct/2019 Oslo Norway

Arctic oil spill conference Oslo , Norway 2019

The Conference gave greater insight into concerns surrounding the Arctic region, in particular

issues concerning strategies for preparedness, planning, response and containment. The

conference was held to offer further understanding about various issues, such as: the  

regulatory and legislative requirements in Norway, Canada and West Greenland; the most

critical factors in Arctic oil spill preparedness; strategies to reduce the impact of drilling

operations on the Arctic environments, the various technologies available for oil spill clean-up:

in-situ burning, dispersants and mechanical recovery systems. The Conversed addressed the

key challenges between oil spill issues and the business aspects of global Arctic development

and review the potential long term implications of oil spills on the environment. The Arctic Oil

Spill Conference allowed the attendees to get to grips with the latest monitoring and detection

techniques as well as Arctic shoreline protection and treatment strategies.